Rifle Rated Armor

We put first responder safety first by making sure they never go to their trunks again for gear. The rifle rated vest can be worn all day internally or externally and provides the officer with the protection and gear needed to handle any situation. The armor package includes Angel Armor’s RISE 2.0 level IIIa body armor and level III rifle rated Truth SNAP plates. Also included in the package is Galvion’s level IIIa Viper helmet with upgraded harness system. This means each officer is up-armored all day for any threat they may face. We work with departments to customize the protection to exactly what they need.

RUC Armor System

Utility meets comfort in a classic uniform appearance with various configurations fit for your agency needs.


Rise 2.0

Angel Armor’s signature comfort, industry-leading weight distribution, and patented design features in a concealed armor platform.


Modular design qualities of a tactical vest and professional attributes of the Uniform Carrier, the Flex provides a robust set of standard features and configurations.