One of the main goals of SHIELD616 is to Protect Our Protectors with all-day rifle rated armor. We are able to achieve this by getting communities, churches, foundations, and donors to rally around their local first responders by making tax deductible donations to help keep them safe. We typically work with departments that are underfunded who need additional help stretching their budget dollars while also providing the best protective armor available to their uniformed first responders.
We get far more requests for help than our small team can handle. This is why it is imperative that the requesting department is ready, willing, and able to be actively involved in helping to secure the funds needed to reach the goals of your department.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Agency Questions

We are a faith-based non-profit which utilizes supporters who invest financially but also commit to encouraging and praying for the officers and their families. Please ensure you have received permission from the command staff in your agency.  You must get approval for the armor we provide, the use of donated funds for the equipment, support teams, and vest presentations.  Once you have approval, we work with you to see how much the fundraising goal will be.

That depends on the needs of your agency. We can do a variety of options: Rifle rated all-day Angel Armor vests with soft armor, Angel Armor rifle plates only, Angel Armor carriers only (no soft body armor), helmets, or I-Tak trauma kits depending on your needs.

No. We are not a foundation that provides grants. We can assist you in trying to identify grants and apply on your behalf or help provide information for you to apply for grants with SHIELD616.

Yes. SHIELD616 is a non-profit based in Colorado Springs, CO.  We provide this much needed armor through the generosity of members of the communities in which the first responders live, work, and serve. We work with the agencies we serve, are here to provide phone support, and helpful marketing materials to get you going on the fundraising efforts.

This depends on how many first responders your agency is working to protect and what armor they need. When you have your initial Zoom meeting with us, we will help you determine what you need and how much we will need to fundraise.

This varies by community. We have done several successful telethons with local TV stations, church funding drives, silent auctions, social media fundraising, golf tournaments, dine and donate nights at restaurants, and other events. Think about what kind of fundraisers would be successful in your community. For individual first responders seeking help, Facebook fundraisers can be a good place to start. You can set-up a Facebook fundraiser page and those proceeds will be credited to you at your agency. Please notify us of all ongoing fundraisers so we can make sure your fund is properly credited at completion.

We ask that our partners refrain from using GoFundMe types of fundraisers. Many platforms like this that allow donations to a non-profit will take your donation and then forward a donation to us. When donations are taken through a third-party, we cannot send a tax-deductible receipt. In addition, many of these types of donations come to us as anonymous and therefore can’t be designated to a specific officer or department.

Yes, SHIELD616 likes to be aware of all fundraisers that are happening. When we get calls or inquiries asking if fundraisers are legitimate, it helps us to know what our supporters are working on. We can also connect people in the same area so they can work together to get funding for their agency. All checks must be made out to SHIELD616.

Try to reach out to other community members who may be able to help with this. There are people who want to help make sure their first responders are safe. Many may not be aware of the funding challenges you face.

Churches, service organizations, police or fire organizations and foundations, businesses, sports teams, and local news stations in your area are great places to start.   The Chamber of Commerce in your area may be able to direct you to local companies who are charitable or are looking for a charity to partner with. Your community may not realize your agency needs upgraded protective armor. It is helpful to find ways to involve the community in supporting you.

We have created a template donation request letter for agencies to modify and use if needed. Please email if you need this help.

All donated armor belongs to the agency. While we allow donors to sponsor specific first responders, they do so with the understanding the armor is donated to the department or agency that they work for. The agency is responsible for the armor and its expiration dates. First responders are not allowed to take armor with them without express permission from their department.

Once we donate the armor, it is property of the agency, and it’s up to the agency on what they will allow. While we allow donors to sponsor individual officers, they do so with the understanding the armor is donated to the department or agency that you work for. If your new agency doesn’t have armor, please reach out to us to see how we can help you get better protection.


Please reach out to if you have specific questions and we will forward your request to the appropriate team member. Or please call 719-345-2442.