End of Year Giving

Help Us Reach Our 2023 Goal: Supporting First Responders in Need

Earlier this year, we set a goal to donate 1,000 sets of armor to first responders in need by the end of 2023. We are currently at 912, thanks to our incredible supporters!

As we are approaching the end of the year, we are asking and praying that you would consider an end of year donation to the brave men and women who have serviced our country this year through Shield616. Your contribution today will help us to reach our goal and ultimately, protect our first responders. 

You can select your preferred agency, or we will automatically select to assist a smaller, more rural agency in need. Currently, we have over 65 requests for help from various agencies. Remember, any amount you give, big or small, will be greatly appreciated and keep our first responders safer.

Together, we’re making a difference – one first responder at a time