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  • You can donate an unlimited amount of money that will go into a general fund.   Your donation will go towards supplying a local officer with our vest package. Shield616 will then partner you with a local officer.  You also have the availability to sponsor a specific agency or officer if desired.

Shield616 hosts a vest presentation where all of the donated gear is on display.  We also invite all the officers who have been selected to get the gear along with the sponsors who have donated the gear.  During the presentation, sponsors can see their officer receive their gear.  They will also have the opportunity for a face to face introduction for the first time as well at photo opportunities.  We HIGHLY encourage both officers and sponsors to participate in the vest presentation, it’s a powerful and uplifting event. 

Shield616 is also operating in other states.  In this case, we will ship the gear to the officer’s department and we will ship the sponsor’s coffee tumbler and magnet to their home address. We will also make an email introduction between if the sponsor and officer if they don’t already know each other. 

The goal of the sponsorship is to provide the officer with support, encouragement, and prayer throughout the year.  We want to build new and stronger relationships between local law enforcement and the citizens they serve. 

We have a great sense of urgency in equipping and supporting officers. NOW needs to be the time we are lifting up officers by not only providing them with necessary protection, but with a lasting support group.

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