Colorado State Trooper

Hello Everyone;

I just wanted to let you know my family is rejoicing because my son-in-law, Colorado State Trooper, received a complete Shield616 Package today at the Lunch and Learn!!!!    Thank you for your prayers for our family. 

As you may or may not know – the Military Department – sponsored a Lunch and Learn today with Jake Skifstad (President of Sheild616) as the speaker.

I’ve been working with Wendy and Darren in the Military Department (and First Responders) to set up this event for the last four months and today was the big day!   My goal was to raise awareness and support to obtain a package for my son-in-law.   Jake came, presented his vision and goals for Shield616.  Most importantly – prayer for the officers!  Secondly – the extremely beneficial equipment.  At the end of Jake’s presentation today he presented my son-in-law with a complete package!  (Each package costs $1000)!!!!  Elizabeth and I shed tears of joy. (I think my son-in-law’s eyes were a little moist too!)   This was a complete surprise.

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