Save A Police Officer’s Life

Shield616 was formed with the street cop in mind.  The goal of Shield616 is two fold.
First, we want to equip every officer with necessary advanced active shooter / crowd control gear.  Second we want to provide a support group for that officer who will pray for the officer and family on a daily basis and shower the officer with support and encouragement throughout the year.

Shield 616 Armor Package

Shield 616 Armor Package

Shield616 was mindful of limited department budgets. Not only will all of the gear be donated but replaced every five years at no cost to any officer or department.

Have you ever wondered how you could support your local law enforcement officers?  Have you ever desired to form personal relationships with your local law enforcement officers? Imagine a community where local citizens had the opportunity to not only provide much needed equipment to individual officers but also had the opportunity to form a personal relationship with them?

Shield616 is unique and was formed with the vision of having local individuals, churches, bible study groups, businesses, foundations, “sponsor a cop” not only financially but also personally.

How does a sponsorship work?

There are two different types of sponsorship.

Financial Donor

  • You can donate an unlimited amount of money that will go into a general fund.   Your donation will go towards supplying a local officer with our vest package. Shield616 will then partner local citizens with local officers.

Financial Donor and Personal Sponsorship

  • You can donate an unlimited amount of money that will go into a general fund.   Your donation will go towards supplying a local officer with our vest package. Shield616 will then partner you with a local officer.  You will have the availability to sponsor a specific officer if desired.

Sponsor’s will receive a magnet with their officer’s first name and agency.  This will allow the sponsor to be praying specifically for the agency and their officer by first name.

Shield616 will provide the local officer with a new vest package.  The officer will also get the contact information of their sponsor along with an encouraging letter from their sponsor.  Shield616 will encourage the officer to reach out to their sponsor and thank them for their support and the donated vest package. This way we do not create an unwanted releasing of officer information to the public. The officer will initiate the first contact.

The ultimate goal is for the sponsor to create a relationship with their officer to encourage, support, and pray for their officer!

We feel the atmosphere within the law enforcement community has changed due to the numerous events occurring around the country that shed only a negative light on law enforcement. We are sensing that not only are officers more open and receptive to encouragement and prayer, they are in desperate need of it.

We have a great sense of urgency in equipping and supporting officers. NOW needs to be the time we are lifting up officers and not only providing them with a necessary vest package, but with a lasting support group.

Board Members

Adam Peek
Board Member

Adam Peek is a bivocational pastor and business man in Colorado Springs. He has been a Pastor for 13 years and makes his living from his 8 years in the printing industry. He has extensive experience in both sales and fundraising and brings his ministerial and business networking to this team.

Dan Rundio
Board Member

Dan brings startup experience to the board, having worked on executive levels of several successful startup companies.  Dan has also helped to start non-profit organizations and brings experience for the early stage challenges of a non-profit.

Joel Gheen
Board Member

Joel brings financing experience to the board.  While much of Joel’s career has focused on for-profit fundraising as an investment banker and investing via private equity, Joel has worked with multiple start-ups and non-profits to help with strategy, structure, diligence, positioning, and messaging.

Steve Phillips
Board Member

Steve is a former deputy sheriff from Portland, OR; a pastor who has experience with the not for profit environment; business person who has started two successful businesses, from nothing, and continues to be the president of those companies.

Matt Gaw
Board Member

Matt is a deputy sheriff and a current S.W.A.T operator. Not only does Matt provide a law enforcement prospective but also has a background in missions and charitable non-profit work.

Jake Skifstad
Founder / President

Jake is a current police officer with over 15 years of experience. Jake started a successful business in 2012 suppling law enforcement across the country with enhanced active shooter gear.  Jake had the vision of not only getting this necessary gear donated to departments but also providing a support system for each individual officer by members of their local community.

Paul Mason
Legal Advisor

Paul is blessed with a beautiful family. He has a wonderful wife, Sarah and four children, Halie, Austin, Luke, and Eli. Paul graduated from Texas A&M with B.A. and spent over a decade in the Securities Industry. He has a Juris Doctorate Degree from Southern Methodist University and currently practices in business consulting, estate planning, asset and transfer planning.

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